What if Facebook helped you with your status updates so you wouldn't have to waste more time?

What if it could not only talk to your Facebook apps, and external sites using Facebook Connect, but also go beyond that and share info from your tv, your microwave, your toll tag, your watch, your guitar, etc.? Automatically, based on your settings and usage. Now that would be a real "Facebook Connect".

Sure, maybe at first people would revolt as they did with Beacon, but maybe they'd eventually get used to it. Tracking your emissions and comparing them with others could motivate you to actually go green instead of talking about it. Or maybe a connected scale that shares your most recent poundage in a public manner could motivate you to work out more often.

Maybe you could do fun stuff like "ping" a specific scene from a TV show by pressing a button on your remote control and Facebook would let your friends know that you liked that part of the show. No need for you to type it down - Facebook could do it for you. How nice of them. Immediate status updates would be immediate, not merely semi-immediate (who has time to get online and type about stuff that could happen immediately!).

I mean, maybe you want the world to know that you are busy playing Rolando Lite on your iPhone (well, actually your iPod Touch, but no one needs to know). Maybe Facebook could show other your progress on its secret SocialRank so everyone can see that you are socially marvelous (and that you worked hard for all those new connections, pokes, installed apps, photos and videos uploaded, relevant and witty comments, and even ad interactions for the bonus points). That would be cool right? Right?

Or maybe all that just sound a little scary. A little crazy. Either way, I'm sure everyone would complain for 10 seconds and create 1000 groups against it, only to forget the next day and get ready for the next Facebook re-design.

Check out the screenshot (err.. mock) below for what Facebook status updates could be.

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