You probably already know about the Pizza Hut Summer Twinternship. I've read lots of opinions about how this is the wrong thing for Pizza Hut to do. PR professionals seem to be particularly against the idea and several have accused Pizza Hut of "not thinking it through". Critics argue that it makes little to no sense to hire a college student for an internship position that consists of publicly communicating on behalf of a brand like Pizza Hut.

First of all, there are 3 things to remember: Nothing is a coincidence, nothing is what it seems, and... Twitter allows you to delete tweets.

Knowing that, we can assume that Pizza Hut's perfect timing (right after Domino's became a YouTube destination) is not a coincidence. We can also assume that Pizza Hut has given this some thought. It's not as if their marketing people simply stumbled upon Twitter yesterday and decided to go with it. Pizza Hut has already showed that it understands the value of the internet and has shown signs of online life with its web site, Facebook efforts, and viral video.


More importantly, tweets can be deleted.

They can also be monitored, reviewed, fed, approved by senior managers, and written by a team of anywhere between 2 and 28 people. The point is that we have no idea who will do the actual writing.

Even if Pizza Hut actually let the lucky college student(s) drive much of the tweeting, there are plenty of capable college students in Dallas (including minds from SMU, UTD, and UNT). I bet that the majority of marketing, advertising and even English students are already on Twitter.

With good guidance, some training, lots of pizza, I mean lots of pizza, plenty of information, good points of contact throughout the company, and proper support, it could go very well.

Even in the long-term.

In summary, Pizza Hut has already gotten a lot of attention, it will probably do ok with Twitter, and has totally made me very hungry for a Thin 'N Crispy. Large. Mushrooms. Extra sauce.

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