Microsoft wants you to "hold off" from buying a new iPhone or Palm Pre. Why? Apparently, June 2009 will be an “important month for Zune lovers”.

Rumors about a Zune phone have been spread before, but a recent one actually came from a Microsoft team (via the @officethemovie Twitter account).

Gizmodo points out that this account has “little-to-no-relation to the Zune project”. That might be true, but it's still quite possible that the “rumor” was planted there on purpose or that someone leaked it by mistake.

Keep in mind that tweets can be deleted.

Why would @officethemovie NOT remove the potentially erroneous statement if it was a mistake? It's been over 10 hours and the tweet is still there. Either the leak is real and everyone is making the wrong assumptions or we are soon to see a Microsoft "Zune" phone.

Here's what Social Nerdia thinks:

Microsoft needs a phone and it will have one sooner or later. But we predict that it won’t be “Zune” branded.


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

 In the meantime, Palm better price the Pre as low as possible and do whatever else it can to get the masses, not just the press and a few geeks, to embrace webOS.


UPDATE: Alleged specs for a Microsoft "Pink" phone/device: Microsoft's project "Pink" specs revealed?

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