palm-preJust as it was rumored earlier this morning, Palm is releasing the "digital-age-defining" Pre on Saturday, June 6th.

It will be available nationwide at Sprint stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, some Wal-mart stores and online at for $199 (after a $100 mail-in rebate), which we think is a fair price for the coolest smartphone release of the year.

There's a chance you disagree (about the coolness). Sure, there are a few points to consider (mail-in rebate is not exciting, SERO plan users are wondering if they'll be able to get it, and this might mean a switch to Sprint and away from GSM).

However, the Pre has more than enough to make you change your mind: The much awaited webOS, Palm Synergy, great design, user-friendly touch screen, 3G speed, and the delight to be constantly online  at a recession-friendly price.

We believe that come June 6th, skeptics will come to their senses. Or they will wait a few more days until WWDC, just to convince themselves that Apple is well.. just OK this year.

But don't listen to us, here's CNET's reasons for 2009's "Best of CES Award".

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