We are very excited about the Palm Pre and its new webOS. This awesome looking smartphone with a powerful OS has both a touchscreen AND a keyboard. This thing is going to be hot and it might be the most important product release for Palm and Sprint in a long time.

The Sprint "Now Network" commercials that feature the Pre have been on TV for a while now (must I say it, we love them!), and there have been several rumors about an early June release. With all the rumors going around, we just can't wait to finally get to see the Pre.. in person. Or at least find out the official release.

Well, the early June rumors are only getting more interesting.

Notebooks.com and Engadget are both showing off an online ad that they apparently *saw* somewhere. We have not yet found out where exactly the ad came from and no one is saying much about it. Real or not, the quick response to the ad shows that there is much buzz going on about the Pre, and that Apple, RIM, and Microsoft have in fact a lot to worry about.

This could've been easily photoshopped, but because we are so excited about the Pre, here's the alleged web ad stating "June 6th":


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