Social Nerdia - Netvibes PreviewNetvibes pioneered the personalized start page; they are now making the experience even better by adding an entirely new dimension to managing your digital life in 1 place: Multiple Personalized Pages (MPP).

Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini recently gave us a fun sneak peek at the new Netvibes MPP features, which  will go live tomorrow night  (Tuesday, May 26th).

With Multiple Personalized Pages, Netvibes users will soon be able to have an unlimited amount of pages. That means unlimited pages and unlimited tabs to remix the web however you want. From startpages and business dashboards to topic pages, public pages,  enterprise portals for large companies, and branded microsites that can be personalized by anyone (like Nissan's 100% Urban Guide and Ogilvy's The Daily Influence), Netvibes will let you to manage widgets and feeds on multiple pages in a fast, personalized, efficient, and organized manner.

Here's an example:

"Anna Clark" is a Social Nerdia contributor. She has a public page where she shares her tweets, RSS feeds,  and other information with the whole world. Anna also has several private pages, including one for Social Nerdia (Anna stays on top of everything tech through this page), one about the Barcelona soccer team (Anna's a huge fan), and one in which she can manage her personalized page for The Daily Influence.

Here are our screenshots:

Anna's Public Page:

Social Nerdia - Netvibes MPP

The Social Nerdia Private Page:

Social Nerdia - Netvibes (MPP)

 Anna's "The Daily Influence" Personalized Page:

Social Nerdia - Netvibes (MPP)

 Manage and organize your pages:

Social Nerdia - Netvibes - Mangage

Arrange Pages:

Social Nerdia - Netvibes Arrange Pages

Copy Tabs:


Also check out  Social Nerdia's Public Netvibes Page and read our interview with Netvibes' CEO Freddy Mini.

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