Kentucky Fried Chicken's "Unthink KFC" campaign looked like gold just 24 hours ago. Launching a new product (that actually looks ok), with the help of no other than The Oprah Winfrey, is a success in itself.

Especially for a restaurant that has not been doing well.

Unfortunately, failing to meet demands and angering people is probably not going to help them in the long-run.

Here's why this is KFC's Second Massive Fail (remember when rats conquered a KFC in Greenwich Village?):

1. Not enough chicken!

2. Oprah, the hypocrite?

3. Riots, long lines and racism

4. Poor coupon exclusions / explanations

5. Lame customer service

I don't think I'm going to "unthink" KFC.

I haven't been there in 5 years and now that I've attempted to get some free grilled chicken (5 times at 3 different locations), I don't think I'll go again for another 5 years.

So cheers, KFC. Job well done. Golden star in your face.

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