winmobifbThe Windows Mobile 6 Facebook App was released today. While WinMo users have been able to check out Facebook using a mobile web browser at, a downloadable app has been expected for a while.

The good news is that it's finally out. The sort of bad news is that it was developed by Microsoft (not Facebook).

As usual with Windows Mobile apps, this one came out later than other versions (iPhone, BlackBerry), and without all the hype.

So, here's our take:

- Intallation: Not as intuitive as anyone would like. You need to connect your phone to your computer; download the app; open it with File Manager, and hope it installs.

- Performance: The first time we loaded it, it froze. This has Windows all over it. It did ok the second time, but it was a bit slow.

- News feed: This might be a matter of preference and the device you're using, but we believe the mobile web site is simply smoother and easier to view. The mobile web version also gives you the ability to "comment" and "like", while the WinMo app does not. Not cool.


- Photos and Videos: This is the best part of the WinMo app. You can easily view all photo updates.

More importantly, you can capture a photo or video, and immediately upload it to Facebook. This is awesome and maybe the only reason to keep the app.

- Multi-tasking: Another plus for the WinMo app is the top navigation bar, which lets you toggle between Home, Wall/Profile, Friends, Inbox, and Phone Numbers.

- Profile: Just like with the mobile web site, you can't really update your profile info. This is less than stellar.

- Status Updates: Very easy to update, just as with the mobile web site. Good.

So, bottom-line, the Windows Mobile Facebook App is great for posting photos and videos on-the-go. It's also great for giving your  FBcontacts a phone call.

For everything else, stick with Facebook's own

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