thesocialnerdiashowepisode2The Social Nerdia Show! Episode #2 is now available for streaming on blogtalkradio (and at the bottom of this post) as well as a podcast on iTunes.

In this episode, @jestebanc and @somerlea talk about the latest Social Nerdia blog posts, recent Tech News (Facebook dethroning MySpace, Bing making gains, online video stats, and email marketing forecasts), and Not-So Tech / Pop Culture News (Letterman's Palin comments, Kate Gosselin spanks her kids, CK inappropriateness, and an angry and perhaps lost in space Michael Jackson).

The show also delves into the awesomness of free cell phones, nasty female commercials, tweeting stalkers, turtles in the middle of the highway, @common_squirrel, "Captain Obvious" of the media, Hammer Time, grandmas on Facebook, upcoming movie releases, and the Randomized Topic of the Day (which was.. who would've guessed? Twitter!), sponsored by: "Spreadsheet".

Thanks for tuning in!

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