dandyid_socialnerdiaDandyID is a service that allows you to collect your various online selves. Because DandyID supports over 320+ services (including the obvious ones like Twitter and Facebook, and more than enough random ones like Wakoopa and Tioti), you should be able to fully collect yourself and share this information with others via your public profile.

DandyID also provides you with a "Social Rank", a percentile system calculated from the number of sites you exist on compared to all DandyID users. In addition, there are a few tools you can use to better share your profile and discover users' identities online (including a Wordpress plug-in, Blogger widget, a FireFox plug-in, and Squidoo module). In order to incentivize developers to create more add-ons, DandyID is having a contest.

DandyID's brand new features (released today)

  • The new service verification feature allows you to verify that you really are the owner of your profile on Twitter, Brightkite, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook (and more in the near future). This in turns connects your verified profiles with your DandyID profile so you can gain control over your accounts and others can know that you are.. you.


  • The new messaging system allows you to send messages to any of your mutual contacts. With a Pro Account, you will also be able to message up to 5 monthly messages to any user outside of your contacts (similar to LinkedIn's In-Mails). Note that Pro Accounts are $4.95/month.


  • Finally, the new analytics capabilities are quite interesting. These allow you to track where you are getting traffic from and shows you which of your accounts is being viewed the most. For example, if you 7 different accounts, it would show you how many page views each of them got in a particular period of time, and which is the most popular.


With the plethora of services online, these features will definitely help you keep track of where you exist on the web. DandyID is a promising service-of-services; if it gains widespread use as a public profile, we should see even more features in the future.

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