diegoliathstop5_logo_socialnerdiaThis is a guest post by Diego Contreras.

From great advertising and branding to incredible art, design, music, films, and anything worth a second look or  second thought, this is Diegoliath's weekly source of creative inspiration. I'll use this space on the web to showcase some of the things that brighten my day and re-ignite my creative thinking.

If you have some inspirational sources of your own, please leave a comment and a link.

1. Rock Band: Beatles Cinematic Intro

Please take a moment to soak in this beautiful dreamy animation by Passion Pictures for the upcoming Rock Band: Beatles game.  Each colorful scene is directly inspired by song lyrics from the Beatles. From an art direction standpoint, this game is a great example of how a unique visual style can really spark interest in people and even bring out emotions. It really made me happy when I saw it.  My love for music games has been slowly growing cold with the extensive amount of releases this year, but this animation definitely got me back in the game.  It seems like I won’t have to wait for DJ Hero to experience something new.  Enjoy.

2. EA Takes Grand Slam Tennis to Facebook


I really enjoyed this fun interactive Facebook app by Weiden + Kennedy, Amsterdam for EA’s Grand Slam Tennis for the Wii. I’m not a great fan of Facebook Apps and I usually try to avoid them, but this glorified version of ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ got my attention. You can challenge your FB friends to a match and then trash talk them you win. What an awesome way to get your target to spend some quality time with your brand.  With more than 86,100 active Facebook users having already played the game, I can tell this effort was successful.

3. David Hill Photography


This guy has one of the most awesome photography styles I’ve ever seen.  His style, sometimes referred to “hypereal”, makes his work look more like illustrations than photos.  Like him or not, one thing I know for sure is that once you’ve seen one of his portraits you’ll never forget his style.  Checking out his portfolio makes me want to take a year off and do photography.

4. Xbox 360 Project Natal


It’s about time someone slaps the Wii in the face for being lame.  This motion sensor camera that recognizes your face, body movements, and voice has the potential to revolutionize the video game world. Could this finally legitimize the Air Guitar? There’s a lot of speculation about whether the trailer is real and whether today’s technology is capable of  something like this. Looks like Microsoft has a big challenge ahead.  I hope they can pull it off and that they implement this technology not just on boring trivia games but in hardcore games like COD and sports games like FIFA Soccer as well.  Can’t wait to see how this technology transfers to the marketing/advertising world.

5. Keith Loutit Bathtub IV Short Film


And now to end the first episode of my Top 5, check out this cool little time-lapse video by Keith Loutit. Bathtub IV is one of a bigger series of short films Keith shot during 12 months to document life in “Little Sydney”.  The style resembles the “tilt-shift” effect used in photography.  I’m not ashamed to say that I found this video to be “cute” and highly entertaining.

And that’s it for today! Come back next Saturday to find more weekly creative inspiration from the world out there.

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