Netvibes is trying to learn a few moves from the Amazon playbook by analyzing the widgets you already have and comparing them to others you might also appreciate. The company is calling it "Talk to Me" and it is basically a new feature that recommends widgets:

"Netvibes Talk to Me is the first widget recommendation and distribution engine that performs on-going, intelligent analyses of users' widget behavior and the context in which widgets are used to deliver individually personalized and perfectly relevant widget recommendations."


If you are on Netvibes and are yet to receive recommendations, you should be getting them by the end of the week. Keep in mind that all recommendation engines have their faults. So, if you don't like one of the recommendations simply close it and kiss it good-bye. The good news is that Netvibes recommendations get better as you accept or reject them.


But what if you have so many widgets that you feel like it's all getting cluttered? Netvibes Labs has a project called Spring Cleaning, which displays widgets you might not need anymore.


You can then archive them and/or delete them. The Spring Cleaning page says the following:

"The application will analyze all your feeds and sort them in four categories: feeds you have never read, feeds that are older than 30 days, feeds that are older than 6 months and feeds that are older than one year. Once the analysis done, it lets you decide which feeds you want to remove."


So, now you can get rid of your old widgets and replace them with new ones based on recommendations. "Talk to Me" plus "Spring Cleaning" is a nice little combo.
But what if you're not a widget kind of guy/gal? What if you love your RSS reader and can't live without one? No worries. Netvibes is working on that too. According to some people I've spoken to at Netvibes, a Netvibes RSS reader "will be released in the coming month or two".

Patience children. Patience.

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