raccoon_in_circleVersion 0.3 of Seesmic Desktop, the Adobe Air client for Facebook and Twitter, has just been released andshould auto-update. In addition to  nice user interface improvements (like a "cancel" button to erase messages), here's a summary of what's new:

  • Multi-Account Posting with Smart Account Enabling: Helps you better manage various accounts and not have to worry too much about which one you're posting from.

  • Authenticated bit. ly Integration: Use your own bit. ly account for to keep track of your URL shortened links.

  • Integrated Account Services Panel: Gives you the ability to use image services such as Pikchur , Posterous, TwitPic, Twitgoo, yfrog, and more in the future.

  • Facebook improvements: Easily add comments to your friends posts and status updates.



If you're interested in joining the community site for the new Team Seesmic (to provide feedback on release candidate versions and interact with other Seesmic fans), check out www.teamseesmic.com

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