cameronstrang_relevant_socialnerdiaFor the 3rd episode of The Social Nerdia Show! I interviewed Cameron Strang, founder and CEO of RELEVANT Magazine, a magazine that has become a leading voice among 18-34 year old, faith motivated individuals.

I have been a big fan of Relevant for many years so it was more than awesome to chat with Cameron to learn more about him and the company. You can stream the conversation on the BTR player below or download the podcast on iTunes, and read some of my thoughts below.

relevantcollection_socialnerdia_smWhen asked about why he started the magazine, Cameron said that he wanted "to make a difference" and that at the time "there was no magazine that blended life issues, faith, and culture." The foundation of it all was Relevant Media Group, which still provides media and web consulting services, followed by the release of, and finally the first issue of RELEVANT Magazine in 2003. Cameron and Relevant have been able to create creative, fun and thought-provoking media that has spread through word of mouth, a strong online community, and grassroot efforts.

A decade or so after Cameron's dream began to become a reality,  he is still leading the company, which now has 40 bi-monthly issues and an audience that continues to grow, especially online. "We're passionate about what we're doing, all of our team works really hard," he told me.

These days, after a much deserved sabbatical, Cameron is driving a lot of the social justice efforts that Relevant is involved with and focusing a lot more on the content for the magazine, web site and Relevant.TV. The high quality of such content is what makes Relevant possible (the magazine has to be good with that name, right?), and the very reason why you should check their stuff out.

rejectapathy_relevant_socialnerdiaWe talked about a lot of other fun stuff, including the rapidly changing media lanscape, the dynamics of the Relevant Podcast, the problems with driving while on Twitter, the book "Flickering Pixels", the tragic reality of monkey news, Cameron's love for the Orlando Magic and the many iPhones he has lost, as well as the work that Relevant is doing in collaboration with A&E's "The Cleaner", and the long-term world changing efforts of RejectApathy (a partnership with the One Campaign).

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