diegoliathstop5_logo_socialnerdiaThis is a guest post by Diego Contreras.

From great advertising and branding to incredible art, design, music, films, and anything worth a second look or  second thought, this is Diegoliath’s weekly source of creative inspiration. I’ll use this space on the web to showcase some of the things that brighten my day and re-ignite my creative thinking. So here we go!

1. Morinaga Chocolate Spot from Japan – non blinking record

orinaga chocolate

I love everything about this spot for Morinaga Chocolate by DENTSU, Tokyo.  This funny, beautifully shot commercial just won a bronze award at the Cannes Lions awards.

2. Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda

Fiat confirmed that no pandas were harmed during the production of this hilarious spot by agency Marcel Paris. Great concept and art direction.

See the print ads http://bit.ly/15ieux and here http://bit.ly/4Dmm5p.

3. Tone Matrix


Check out this highly entertaining flash audio synthesizer created by Andre Michelle. This little synth begs to be an iPhone app.  I really wish it had an option to save my creations and share them with the world.  In Michelle words, “audio is the future of flash”.

4. Two Smart Uses of Augmented Reality

a. Zugara Clothing App - http://bit.ly/l2VzI


This app for Zugara’s clothing website shows one of the smartest applications of augmented reality that I’ve seen so far.  By combining motion capture with augmented reality, the app allows you to turn any room into a virtual fitting room.  Imagine the controversy if a brand like Victoria’s Secret was to tap into this technology.

b. BMW UK: Expression of Joy 3D - http://bit.ly/vzA8y

BMW Augmented

This augmented reality app for BWM UK allows users to create and share their own art using the Z4 convertible.  The app is an extension of the Expression of Joy TV campaign for BMW.

5. Dream Job Brazil Spot


I’m a big fan of Brazilian commercials.  This funny “Massage Therapist for Models” spot shows a guy who’s miserable and has the “worst” job ever.  The tagline reads: "More than 140,000 job positions. One of them will make you happy."   I was kind of sad to find out that Massage Therapist for Models wasn’t one those 140,000+ job positions.

ps: Last week I talked about photographer Dave Hill.  He just updated his portfolio with some impressive new shots. Check them out here: http://bit.ly/cRqQ1

Dave Hill

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