guitarherosmashhitsawards2009Guitar Hero changed the way we play video games by allowing us to actually feel like we're playing instruments with a real band. Even non-gamers appreciate the social aspects of the game.

With several titles across all consoles, the game has evolved into one of the best selling franchises ever.


To promote the new "Guitar Hero Smash Hits" game, Activision has put on a interactive award show in which people vote online for their favorite riffs, vocals, breakdowns, and more. All in all there are 9 categories and 48 nominees in the "Guitar Hero Smash Hits Music Awards 2009", based on the songs on the game (which comes out June 16th).


The web site lets you post comments that appear on a "buzz" section, and it even lets you feed your comments to Facebook. You can also spread the word in various ways and see the amount of people that have voted before you.


The winners will be announced on July 1st and we're curious about what exactly they'll be presenting on that day.


The campaign seems like a great strategy considering that the game is all about having the best Guitar Hero songs in one game. With three additional Guitar Hero titles coming out later this year (Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero and Band Hero), the "Guitar Hero Smash Hits Music Awards" might be only the beginning for the rest of a very solid year for the Guitar Hero franchise.

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