calilewis_geekbrief_socialnerdiaCali Lewis is the producer, writer and host of GeekBrief.TV, a video podcast about tech, consumer electronics, and web 2.0. An influential person in the tech community, Cali is also quite down to earth and recently did an awesome job as an organizer of WordCamp Dallas 2009, where I was able to ask her some questions.

In the two videos below, you'll learn about Cali's real (but not very googleable) name, her geeky roots, and her transition from self-storage manager to full-time video podcaster.

Cali also told me about having friends not "fans" (with one exception), the exciting future of AR and 4G networks, and the threat that bloggers pose to journalists. Cali is aware that "the internet is not going to wipe out TV, just like TV didn't wipe out the radio, and the radio didn't wipe out the newspaper", but it's clear that online productions of high quality like GeekBrief.TV are  transforming the way we watch and think of content on the web.


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