socialnerdiashow_5The Social Nerdia Show! Episode #5 is now available for streaming below, on blogtalkradio, or as a podcast on iTunes.

In this episode, @jestebanc and @somerlea are joined by guest @prebynski to talk about the latest Social Nerdia blog posts, recent Tech News (Google ChromeOS, Pandora's Survival, GSM Palm Pre in Europe, Cisco's venture into consumer video-chat, and Layar's Mobile Augmented Reality), as well as some Not-So Tech / Pop Culture News (Michael Jackson Memorial, Palin stepping down, and happiness in Costa Rica).

We also discuss smartphones, Texas heat, Hawaiian Ohana, narcissistic societies, upcoming movie releases (Bruno), and the Randomized Topic of the Day (Kindle 2 now at a lower high price).

Thanks again for listening and until next time!

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