netvibes_dragandfollow_socialnerdia2Netvibes is releasing "Drag and Follow" widgets today, July 16th at 9am PST.

I recorded my phone conversation with Freddy Mini (Netvibes CEO) so you could hear the news (and details) directly from him.

Press play below to listen:


I gave it a test drive and I must agree with Freddy that it is very easy to use. A simple drag and drop from a hashtag or avatar on Twitter opens up a brand new widget so you can follow that topic or user.

Along with that, Netvibes is releasing a new version of the Facebook widget that has the real-time news feed, is "drag and follow" capable, and is "totally integrated with Facebook Connect". The "drag and follow" widgets also work for MySpace if that's your kind of thing.

Freddy told me that "if people love it, we can make it work on anything," and he gave me an example of what that could be. Listen to the conversation for an example of potential uses around news and search.

By the way, the new feature will be automatically added to your account so you won't have to do anything to try it out. New users will also find it available immediately. You can check out our Social Nerdia Netvibes page to get started.

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