acrobaterik_socialnerdiaI will never forget Page Mill, the first WYSIWG HTML editor software I ever used (back in the mid 90's). It was how I was introduced to a little company called Adobe, and I've been a fan ever since. From Dreamweaver to InDesign, I cannot imagine a computer without Adobe's software. With the introduction of the robust, comprehensive, and very user/business-friendly, I have become even more excited about the future of Adobe and its role in online collaboration.

I had the privilege of talking with Erik Larson on The Social Nerdia Show! yesterday. Erik is the Sr. Director of Marketing and Product Management for Adobe's You can listen to our conversation in its entirety on the BTR player above or by subscribing to our podcast (iTunes).

My first question was around collaboration, and Erik told me that mega trends driving collaboration include the way in which people are interacting online in a much more real-time basis than ever before and how this is changing the way we work. He explained that email wasn't built thinking about the internet and that "the way of interacting socially in your personal life can translate into business."

Erik spends his time not only strategizing about the future of, but also conversing with people on Twitter, blogs, and elsewhere online. Some of the comments people make online actually fit into the bigger picture. "I can use those quotes from Twitter and show them to our CEO," Erik told me.

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