socialnerdiashow_show9The Social Nerdia Show! Episode #9 is now available for streaming below, on blogtalkradio, or as a podcast on iTunes.

In this episode, co-hosts @jestebanc and @somerlea are joined by @jonsterp to talk about recent Tech News (Amazappos aka "Amazon and Zappos seating on a tree...", Barnes & Noble's eReader, Google phones home from the Moon), as well as some Not-So Tech / Pop Culture News (ESPN star on video becomes virus, Paula Abdul vs American Idol, and Burton's creepy Alice in Wonderland).

We also discuss ski slopes in the middle of Texas, The Governator's knife video and "exclusive" 25-Hour Gyms, and upcoming movie releases (comedians in "Funny People" and graphic dolphins in "The Cove").

Oh, and of course.. The Randomized Topic of the Day (Yahoo! re-design is full of Social-Nerdia-Purple so we might surprise them with a red re-design of our own! Take that Yahoo!).

Thanks again for listening and until next time.

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