hablahonduras_socialnerdiaKara Andrade is the lead project coordinator of HablaHonduras, a web site that allows people in Honduras to voice their thoughts via the web, SMS, email, and Twitter. But HablaHonduras is not just a lot of noise about a small country in Central America.

Consisting of 80% original content and 20% aggregated content, and with almost a month of being in existence, the site has become both a platform and a destination for what's happening in Honduras amidst confusing and historical times. HablaHonduras is about citizen journalism today and what it could become.

After immigrating as a child from Guatemala with her mother, Kara grew up in the United States and lived in over 20 states. From a young age she thrived on challenges and became fascinated with innovation. "People misunderstand innovation.. innovation is like 'astucia', which literally translates to astuteness.. thinking in a way that is so on the spot with the needs that you have, that you find the angle, you find the right answer," Kara told me.

Kara has done a lot of work with public health, her "first career" and still one of her many passions, but "it was so difficult to create change." While she still believes that public health can be very powerful, Kara is today a journalist and multimedia reporter who seeks for ways to make a difference.

Kara's desire to create change might be her primary reason for getting involved with unique projects like HablaHonduras.

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