cpbbeta_socialnerdia_mainCrispin Porter + Bogusky, one of the hottest ad shops on Earth, is making quite an aggregation statement with an innovative new agency web site. A week or two ago, a video of co-chairman Alex Bogusky wearing an afro wig appeared on YouTube. He talks about the agency's new web site, which was not yet live at the time but has now made it into beta at http://beta.cpbgroup.com.

The web site is an ode to the power of real-time information on the web, showcasing a live feed of tweets, YouTube videos, news and blog posts. The information is separated in tabs; one for CP+B and one for clients like Burger King, Microsoft, and Guitar Hero. As Bogusky puts it, "it's everything about us, and our clients; the good, the bad, and the mildly unnerving".

So, if you get on Twitter right now and write about Crispin Porter + Bogusky (or send a tweet to @bogusky himself), it will appear on their "digital fishing net" a few seconds after. The effort is a somewhat similar social approach to that of Modernista (and Skittles for that matter), but with a better UI/experience and perfectly tailored for what CP+B does best: create buzz.


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