socialnerdiashow_snshow11The Social Nerdia Show! Episode #11 is now available for streaming below, on blogtalkradio, or as a podcast on iTunes.

In this episode, @jestebanc, @somerlea, and @jonsterp talk about recent Tech News (Microsoft + Yahoo! "partnership", Blekko stealth search engine getting a 3rd round of financing, Blip.TV increasing its distribution, and the new Twitter homepage ), as well as some Not-So Tech / Pop Culture News (Wedding viral video, Visa's crazy profits, Twilight characters getting swapped and what is supposed to be a kid-friendly Twilight MMO videogame).

We also wondered about why there are so many Fast & Furious movies (what's up with that?) and upcoming movie releases coming out on August 7th: GI Joe, Julie & Julia, and most importantly.. Adam.

Finally, we talked about the Randomized Topic of the Day (Cash for Clunkers Program gets suspended). We chose the topic this time but we promise to talk about whatever YOU want to talk about next week. Just send us your thoughts to or leave us a voice message by calling 720-6NE-RDIA.

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