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In this episode, @jestebanc and @somerlea talk about..

Tech News: 3D coming to a TV near you, MySpace acquires iLike, and Dell gets into the phone market.. in China.

Not-So Tech News: Reality TV contestant Ryan A. Jenkins accused of murder, Celine Dion magically prego at 41, Terminator Producers file for Bankruptcy.

Upcoming Movie Releases: Inglourious Basterds (Brad Pitt, Quentin Tarantino), Post Grad (the girl from Gilmore Girls).

Randomized Topic of the Day: Still loving the Palm Pre. The Pre ads might be creepy but some people (including ad agency Modernista) think they're working. We'd like to see some ads showing off the phone's awesomeness instead of a pale girl saying "Bing."

Some announcements:
- Vote for SXSW Panel "Here Come All the Latino Bloggers"

- Join us at next week's Frisco Internet Entrepreneurs Meetup

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