diegoliathstop5_logo_socialnerdiaThis is a guest post by Diego Contreras.

It’s been a while since my last Top 5 post and to compensate for that, I’m bringing you two posts of creative nutrition this week. One today. One in a few days. Or else you’ll get a bit too excited. As always, I'll be using this space on the web to showcase some of the things that brighten my day and re-ignite my creative thinking.


1. Target – Every Color You Can Dream


This beautiful stop-motion campaign for Target takes you through a colorful, dreamlike journey made of fabric.  The song is “Everything & Everyone” by Boys & Girls.


Oddly enough, the commercial looks very similar to Coldplay’s latest video for song Strawberry Swing.  Check it out here: http://www.coldplay.com/videostrawberry.php

2. Olympics – The Best of Us


Nothing has the power to unite the world more than sports. This cool animated commercial for the Olympics proves it by showing Godzilla-sized athletes carrying their countries and bringing the world together.  The art style reminds me of videogame Team Fortress 2 and The Incredibles movie.


3. Sour, Hibi no Neiro


Really cool music video using webcams for a not so cool song.


4. Quilmes Argentinean Beer


A couple of guys in a club having the time of their life realize they’re in a commercial.  The fun gets spoiled when one of them can’t seem to resist drinking Quilmes beer and ends the commercial. I love South American ads.


5.  Kuroshio Sea Aquarium, Japan


This one’s more soothing than entertaining.  Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II, this impressive HD video shows the 2nd largest aquarium in the world, the Kuroshio Sea in Japan, graced by the sound of “Please don’t go” by Barcelona.  Those massive Sharks and Manta rays would make the 10-foot tall Goliath from the Bible look wimpy.


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