diegoliathstop5_logo_socialnerdiaThis is a guest post by Diego Contreras.

Here are Diegoliath's Top 5 Movies of 2009. The "Creative In5piration" series is a showcase some of the things that can brighten your day and re-ignite your creative thinking. In this case, it's all movies. Leave us a comment. Share your top 5 if you feel like it.


1. District 9
If you haven’t seen this please shut your computer down right now and head to the theaters because this is probably one of the best movies coming out this year, and probably one of the best movies you’ll see in a long time.  It’s been up in the Twitter trending topics since its release a week and a half ago, if that means anything.  What makes it even better is that it’s the first full-length film by new-comer director Neil Blomkamp (who was supposed to direct the Halo movie).

2. Where the Wild Things Are
Narnia and Domo Kun come together in what looks to be, like, the cutest film ever by Spike Jonze.

3. Inglorious Basterds
A war film by Quentin Tarantino. Enough said.

4. Zombie Land
Looks amazing and funny. I can’t wait to see Woody Harrelson come back from the dead, to fight the undead...

5. Paper Heart
Michael Cera plays the same character in every single movie he’s ever made. Paper Heart is no different.

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