socialnerdiashow_templateThe Social Nerdia Show! Episode #13 is now available for streaming below, on blogtalkradio, or as a podcast on iTunes.

In this episode, @jestebanc and @somerlea talk about..

Tech News:  Netflix rumored to be on iPhone & Wii, eReader Wars intensify with Sony’s newest and the potential of color eInk, plus TiVo strives to stay alive while adding video podcasts (featured shows and via RSS feeds).

Not-So Tech / Pop Culture News: Miley Cyrus gets stalked by a crazy old guy who has been barred from following her on Twitter. Also, Paula Abdul is finally officially out of American Idol (the pending question on everybody's mind is whether her seat on the show can be sold on eBay).

Random Stuff: The earthiness and trendiness of “going green”, ebook-highlighting apps, and Gilligan’s Island actual location.

Upcoming Movie Releases (Aug 7th): The indie-ish movie/documentary “Paper Heart” and the scary-ish “Perfect Getaway.”

Randomized Topic of the Day: A listener left us a voice message about the recent Twitter DDOS attack and the new NFL & ESPN rules around Twitter and the social web. The call was so awesomely thorough that there wasn't much more to be said, except the fact that Twitter probably loves the extra free press and... that we would love to see Donald Trump in-billion-dollar-merger tweets and/or NFL player in-game-while-punting tweets :)

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