a_oneforty_logo2Everyone's been talking about oneforty, a Twitter marketplace of sorts that was announced by Laura Fitton ("Twitter for Dummies" author) earlier today, and the buzz is well deserved. After a quick beta sign-up, a couple of emails and a long list of Terms of Service, the oneforty lets you into what may be the first decent Twitter app collection (or "outfitter") out there.

oneforty is currently tracking about 1350 apps/services/shorteners/clients (and growing) with detailed info about each one, including press mentions, related tweets, and sometimes even screenshots. It even gives the ability to donate to the developers.

The site's best feature is the easy-to-use reviewing system (1-5 star rating), which I'm assuming is what drives the "most popular" list that includes well-known services like Bit.ly, Tweetie and TwitPic. No surprises in the popularity list (same goes for the "essential"/recommended apps), but the idea of finding new services  is what will motivate users to check out a Twitter marketplace.

Here are 10 apps that I didn't know about until I checked out oneforty:

twitblockTwitBlock (for Spam Blocking) helps you analyze a specific account to see if it is a "bot or not." It also lets you find out if your followers are displaying signs of "spamminess." This is useful since we all know that spammers are alive and well on Twitter. The coolest thing though is to try to see if any of your real friends are part-time spammers. My only problem with TwitBlock is that it is slow (too slow) and doesn't let you easily block.

whoshouldifollowWho Should I Follow? (for finding new people) helps you identify people you might be interested in following. I was skeptic about this one, but the resuts were pretty good and seemed to combine people that had similar interests, followed the same people or lived nearby. Still, I'm not so sure the site deserves to have "should" as part of its name and it doesn't help much with the following since I wasn't able to do that without having to go to Twitter.

twtpollTwtPoll (for surveying) helps you create polls, along with a temporary short url like this one: http://twtpoll.com/3zvbti . The site lets you select different kinds of questions and determine vote allowances, and lets respondents retweet, comment and share elsewhere.

whatsyourtweetworthWhat's Your Tweet Worth? (for net-present-valuing) helps you put a price to your Twitter account. Apparently, my account is worth a little over $150 a month. Unfortunately, the site has no way of valuing the brand itself so obviously they missed the real market value of my account.

untweepsunTweeps (for better unfollowing) helps you discover people who haven't been tweeting lately and better manage streams. This one is really easy to use (simply uncheck results) and it seems to be good to find out how many of your real friends aren't really into Twitter. Update: I really like this service, but they charge after you use it a few time $5 per month? They have to be kidding..

peekrPeekr (for sneaking a peek) helps you see Twitter backgrounds in their entirety. It sounds silly at first, but the fact is that a simple drag to your tool barlets you see Twitter in a whole new way. I can imagine other great services inspired by this incredibly simple in-browser bookmarklet.

coupontweetCouponTweet (for deal searching) helps you find coupons, discounts and offers that others are tweeting about. I like the look and feel of the site, which lets you search by keywords or browse by store, but I didn't find a good deal for the particular restaurant I was thinking about so it has its limitations.

favstarFavstar (for following crowds) helps you see the most favorited tweets across Twitter at any moment. It also lets you see how/if people are marking your tweets as favorites. The interesting about this one is that people don't usually "favorite" a tweet for others to know so this one provides unique insight.

openbrandsOpen Brands (for brand sport-monitoring) helps you follow brand conversations in real time. While searching for brand mentions is not difficult, it's not bad to have a site that has them all in one place, while providing some additional insight such as "brand metrics" and "top influencers." I only wish you could also see results by category (I'd like to see how all competitors in one category are doing against each other at any given point).

microplazaMicroPlaza (for news finding) helps you see what your friends are considering buzz worthy. While slow, when the site works it does it quite nicely, showing you "titles" that your network is talking about. There's also a bookmarklet that retweets whatever site you are in.

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