socialnerdia_carribugbee_bigdealprCarri Bugbee is the principal and founder of Big Deal PR. An entrepreneur, seasoned writer and project manager with experience at great agencies like Wieden + Kennedy, Carri is also the person behind @PeggyOlson on Twitter. Not only has she managed to keep the unofficial Twitter account for a fictional character from the popular AMC show Mad Men, but she has done it so well that it won her a Shorty Award.

I was able to do a live "Twinterview" with Carri (done fully via Twitter, tracked by the hashtag #Peggy). Thanks to everyone that followed it live!

The unedited transcript is below:

socialnerdia@CarriBugbee Hi Carri, nice day for a live Twinterview, isn’t it?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia It's raining in Portland, so it's a good time to be warmed by the glow of my computer monitor for a #twinterview. ;-)

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee I must admit I often confuse your name with @PeggyOlson and vice versa. What's it like to be linked to this character?

socialnerdia_peggyolson_twitterCarriBugbee@socialnerdia Been a wild ride. @PeggyOlson is a great character on #MadMen. I think 2nd only to Don. Tweeting 4 her is fun & challenging.

socialnerdia@CarriBugbee I'd say #peggy is my 2nd favorite too. How has your professional life changed since u started tweeting / thinking like Peggy?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia I was joking in early '08 about working on my social media MBA. Being a #MadMen Tweeter was like working on a thesis.

CarriBugbee @socialnerdia Building & managing thousands of followers 4 @PeggyOlson on top of mnging many other Twitter accts was great experience.

socialnerdia@CarriBugbee You always answer tweets in character (ie Super Bowl as Tupperware). Do u ever delete tweets that needed a revision?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia I deleted 1st tweets I ever wrote for @PeggyOlson when I was just thinking it'd be a lark 'cause they were too snarky.

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia I rarely delete tweets for #Peggy now unless I hit "send'' prematurely or tweet from the wrong acct! I kinda have her down.

socialnerdia@CarriBugbee If you could go back in "Mad Men Time" to give one tweet of advice to the "real" #Peggy Olson at SC... what would you say?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia I'd tell #Peggy to avoid sleeping her way to the top. That just seems to derail her. She's obviously talented. That's enough.

socialnerdia@CarriBugbee Do u think #Peggy would be fired if caught tweeting? I mean, imagine what kind of "social media policy" Sterling Cooper have..

CarriBugbee @socialnerdia Since @PeggyOlson is a writer & a youngster in the creative dept, I think she'd be the first to tweet. It'd be expected

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia #Peggy is always looking for an angle, a way to get ahead, so I think she'd embrace any new thing that'd give her an advantage

socialnerdia@CarriBugbee It seems like we need more like #Peggy. Why don't we see more women creatives at advertising agencies?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia I've had my own company for so long (, that I don't know that there aren't more women at ad agencies.

CarriBugbee @socialnerdia I worked in a big agency late 80s & it was DEFINITELY the boys club (not so diff from #Peggy experience). Hope that's changed.

socialnerdia@CarriBugbee Congrats on the success of Big Deal PR. You've embraced social media. Is oldschool PR and the press release fading away?

 socialnerdia_carribugbeeCarriBugbee@socialnerdia Depends who you talk to. There are many PR pros who haven't done the work to get up to speed in SoMe. Others can't live w/o it

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia Some say press release is dead; U should just tweet at journalists. I think press release has morphed. Needs 2 be SEO-friendly

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia What's most diff about PR now is that in old days it wasn't "public" relations at all, it was press relations. Now it's public

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee Is the idea of “conversations” w customers here to stay or will brands have to start own @TwelpForce to handle so much?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia Yes & yes! I think we'll look back on traditional advertising in just a few years & think of it as just so much spam.

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia In the impending era of powerful micro-targeting, even ads will seem like convos + we'll have REAL convos w/ consumers.

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia I think convo mkt, SoMe, Web 2.0, whatever you wanna call it will fundamentally change the structure of marketing biz.

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee I agree. Many are skeptics and only consider the logistical side of it. I believe convos are what people need.

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia We'll all be engagement experts of sorts (or in related support jobs) w/ very diff skill sets. Agencies will run 24/7

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee In Mad Men, SC lets go of Mohawk to seek AA. Strategic/dishonorable I think. What do u think of client relationships?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia Yeah, that was a calculated risk when Sterling Cooper dumped Mohawk Airlines for AA. Ended up biting them in the ass.

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia In a SoMe world where you have to know clients VERY well to work w/ them, that would be harder to do.

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia Successful agencies will have much deeper entanglement w/ clients. No more "big ideas" based on shallow relationships.


socialnerdia@CarriBugbee Some say Mad Men glorifies chauvinism. I think it exposes a reality of the 60s that is often ignored. What do you think?

CarriBugbee @socialnerdia I don't think #MadMen glorifies chauvinism, I think it likely downplays it. @PeggyOlson would have had it even worse.

CarriBugbee @socialnerdia I think a LOT about what it must've been like for my mom in the workforce. She would a been a bit younger than #peggy, but..

CarriBugbee @socialnerdia ...she was very attractive & always had a clerical or accounting job, so I'm sure she was chased a lot. Hard to fathom.

CarriBugbee @socialnerdia Until I saw #MadMen, I never thot that hard about 60s-era chauvinism. I think it's a great reality check for us.

socialnerdia_madmenyourselfsocialnerdia @CarriBugbee AMC did great “Mad Men Yourself” campaign. Their twtr acct is just links to blog though. Any advice for their Twefforts?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia Love campaign created by the cats at Deep Focus (@ischafer, @christianborges). Check my background!

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia That was a great way to keep the convo rolling (and focused) on Twitter after the fan-based effort started it last yr.

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia That said, AMC could be doing so much more w/ Twitter. As could most media properties. Yet to see official accts shine.

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia But AMC's blog & #MadMen Web site is very robust. Lotsa great stuff there. And I love their iPhone app! Great previews!

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee Sponsored tweeting is growing. Am I crazy to think that some brands might also pay for ANTI-competitor tweets ?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia That's an interesting idea. I'm cultivating ideas/best practices for sponsored tweeting, but haven't discussed them yet

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia As FTC gets more involved w/ SoMe, may be decided in landmark court cases. But they've barely addressed blogging. ;-)

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia I expect that sponsoring anti-competitor tweets could fall under the purview of making advertising comparison claims.

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee What do you think about sarcastic / dark-side tweeting (ie @BadPeggyOlson , @BogusBogusky and @FSJ )?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia I LOVE fake, "dark side" tweeters. More entertaining than real ones sometimes. My personality is more snarky than #peggy. ;-)

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee Haha. Yeah, I love the "dark siders" too.. Ok, moving on to the last question :(

socialnerdia_peggyolson_picsocialnerdia @CarriBugbee #Peggy has had interesting journey to become insightful copywriter in a tough environment. How have u evolved along with her?

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia If I worked in '63, I might be a lot like @PeggyOlson. Smart, earnest, hard-working, aspiring to write. I relate. #peggy

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia But I was already a marketer for 20 years when #Peggy came along, so can't say I've evolved w/ her. :-)

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia My understanding of Twitter as a medium & what can do w/ it has DEFINITELY evolved. It's still nascent. More to come!

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee Thanks for your time and awesome answers! And as millions of automated DMs say, I look forward to your tweets :)

CarriBugbee@socialnerdia Ha, ha! That's retweetable for sure. Doing the Twinterview about @PeggyOlson & #MadMen was fun. Will you post it?

socialnerdia @CarriBugbee Haha. Yes, I will post the #twinterview as soon as I can and let you know. Thanks again!

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