You read that right. I'm not talking about crowdsourcing, but crowdsurfing.

At SXSW Interactive 2010, I attended fantastic panels and solo presentations by people behind the brands, behind the books, and behind some of the most innovative tech. I met many very interesting people with whom I had very interesting conversations. I learned, I explored, I experienced, and I saw the potential of what this community could do in the next few years. To say the least, SXSW was unforgettable and I think anyone who is in marketing, advertising, PR, web development, design, user experience, customer service, etc., should head to Austin next year.

So when I heard about the usual post-event complainers talking about SXSW 2010 sucking.. I remembered being at Stubb's with friends, watching a live Diggnation. Dice flying everywhere. A weird sense of FourSquare community. Fun. Excitement. Hope for a better world. Hope for a world where technology can make us all better people. And live streaming crowdsurfing...

Leo Laporte Crowdsurfing while Livestreaming TWiT:

Kevin Rose Crowdsurfing:

Alex Albrecht Crowdsurfing:

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