The MTV Movie Awards are happening right now and I don't have MTV. I'm not a big fan of most pop music and blockbuster movies, but I must say I am always curious, especially from a marketing perspective. Knowing that Stamen Design had created a very cool Twitter data visualization for the VMAs in 2009, I went to looking to see if they had done it again. And alas, I found Tweet Tracker.

Stamen knows how to visualize the crazy stream of text and links and hashtags that is Twitter, and this time was no exception. I was soon able to see comments about how awkward Kristen Stewart was, how surprising Sandra Bullock's appearance was, and who won what, when, and even why. My initial thought was that this new Tweet Tracker did not look as good as the VMAs one did (and I certainly missed Kanye's big face due to all the very interesting and opinionated tweets), but the functionality of Tweet Tracker goes further by letting you dive deep into what people are really saying in one of two ways:


Or "Stripped"

Of course, the MTV Movie Awards were not my main concern tonight. My main concern was working on a presentation while watching the NBA Finals between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics. I do get ABC (thank God for free over-the-air digital television), but I was wondering about what everyone was saying on Twitter.

I could go to Twitter and search for "Lakers" or "Finals,"  but a data visualization does the sorting and analyzing for you, so I was excited to find the Post-Season Twitter Playoffs sponsored by Nike (and of course, created by Stamen).

I am quite interested about Stamen's Eddy, the "media aggregation platform built for the public display of up-to-the-minute activity on realtime services like Twitter" that was used for this Nike/NBA visualization.

You can find all of Stamen's fantastic work, including the the "Olympic Tracker" Twitter visualization on for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, at

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