Sarah Austin was one of the first live streaming, life-casters popularized on Justin.TV and she is the founder of Pop17, "a collaborative blogging platform and web show that covers and tracks emerging web trends and tells the stories behind what's going in social media."

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Listen to this entire 38th episode of “The Social Nerdia Show!” with Sarah Austin on the Flash player below. You can also subscribe on iTunes, stream from your phone on Stitcher, and listen to upcoming shows LIVE on blogtalkradio. Some show highlights and quotes are below. Enjoy!

Brands on Social Media

 "When brands become a part of the community, it really feels like the brand is like your friend. You really love them, like you would a real person. In social media, they take on attributes of people because there are personalitieis behind the brand making tweets, answering questions, customer service, and establishing relationships with people, connecting with people on their interests, and offering something back to the community."

"Ford's really great. I had such a time doing the Ford Fiesta Movement. I got to drive a car around and go on all these adventures. It was also a competition. I got to do interviews with Ford designers. It's interesting to see them being really progressive. Ford used to not appeal to the Millenial demographic. Ford's really changed and become hip."

"Companies like Virgin America are doing a really good job. They appeal to a tech demographic and people in social media really like flying on Virgin America. I was able to meet with them and interview Richard Branson. They are really involved in social media and they value people in tech. They syndicate shows like "Wine Library TV" by Gary Vaynerchuck."

Facebook and "The Social Network" Movie

"Facebook has taken over the world. They own everything but China and they have all the conversations and connections all over the world."

"To some people, things aren't official until it's on Facebook."

 "Movies are starting to document a real movement, a social media revolution, and it's really hitting the mainstream."


 "I use Foursquare and have been using it for a while. I have a lot of friends there. If I want to know where my friends are right now, I'll get on Foursquare. Facebook Places hasn't quite reached that with me yet. I'm still on Foursquare and plug that in to Facebook.

" It will be interesting to see how developers use Facebook Places and do something cool with it. I don't think this means Foursquare is over. I think they have to create more relationships with businesses, maybe small local business, so they can provide value on Facebook and stay on there."

Live Streaming Platforms and Privacy

"Each of the platform has its advantages. There's just a lot going on. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out when YouTube starts to get into the picture."

"These sites are going in different directions so what will make them stand out for the long-run will be withstanding all the legal issues that they'll have to go through, and making the sites safe and guarding by age, demographics, and region. The content and making these sites as secure as possible will be some of their most valuable developments."

"I use Justin.TV  and I have a lot of information on there. I've had 10 million video views and 27,000 followers there. These are people that have a lot  access and have know me about 5 years. I dont really know the informationa bout the people watching me. Having more peripherals set up and have security on my broadcasts. Privacy is a big issue and whichever of these companies can tackle that will have a huge advantage over the competition."


Word of Mouth

"Word of mouth is one of the most powerful communication tools because people believe that more than anything else. That is the most convincing element."

Sarah the Geek

"I'm a geeky filmmaker. That's what I've been doing for 13 years. Anything about film making I love to geek out on."

Interviewing Others

"I think the secret to a good interview depends on whether you're trying to get a person's story or trying to get a story out of them. There's a web of six degrees of separation... everyone is very accessible and the more people that become accessible it opens a lot of doors. What I really wanted to do is capture a positive angle of growth and success, not only contributing to one personal success but also to what they are doing for their communities."

"I feel like everybody in social media has something to give back to the community and my way of giving back is providing media, documenting and doing interviews."


"I took a theater class once. I did act in an indie film that was about a video blogger, it was a horror film. I dabbled in it a little bit, but nothing serious."

Alternative Careers

"If I had to do something else, it would be something sporty. I'd like to do something where I'm physically active. This might sound silly, but the career before I was thinking about before before was being a park ranger. I hike a lot. It's beautiful here."

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