I've recently been advising the social media marketing efforts of Cucupons, a Guatemalan daily deals site that launched today. When I first met with the team I asked them if they had considered creating a video, such as the "How it Works" video by Groupon.

I quickly discovered that Groupon has inspired not only tons of daily group deal companies, but also lots of marketing videos in all kinds of languages from all over the world.

Alas, Cucupons launched without a video of its own, focusing on more cost-effective and differentiating tactics based on how Guatemalans actually shop offline and online.

You can find 100 Groupon "clone" videos that I've curated at www.curated.by/socialnerdia/groupon-clones.

MARCH 2012 UPDATE: Curated.by decided to disappear from the face of the Earth and they did not even have the courtesy to tell their users. 

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