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In 2013, Choose Your Role Wisely

In 2013, Choose Your Role Wisely

This is the official video for my brand new book SOCIAL STATE.  All of us have a role in the development of the “Social State.” In 2013, choose your role wisely.

Q&A with VidIQ Founder Rob Sandie

Rob Sandie is the founder of, a new startup that helps companies with the management of video and marketing on YouTube. is currently accepting applications for video access but it has already been called the "HootSuite for video." I've seen a preview of and I'm excited to see where Rob Sandie takes the tool and company, especially because this is Rob's second startup - Viddler being his first. In this interview, Rob shares about the problems hopes to solve, his thoughts on the startup scene, and insights from his experiences as an entrepreneur.

Airtime Launches, Sean Parker Tells Me It's Coming to Android in Four Weeks

Thoughts on Airtime, including a conversation about Android with Sean Parker himself.

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