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The web has gone from being a network of hyperlinked pages to a network of individuals. There are now over billions of people sharing their lives on Facebook; and that's only one of many social networks enabling and dictating how we connect, how we learn, and how we act.

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and a long tail of social media services have transformed how we interact with the world around us.

Everything we know is being re-imagined for a new era of real-time human communication.

SOCIAL STATE is a visual,  in-depth exploration about the integration of life and technology; covering topics ranging from the implications of openness, virality, influence, and privacy -- to the unique opportunities presented by the emergence of social marketing, social customer care, and social good.

SOCIAL STATE is an insightful and entertaining read written from a unique perspective. Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Esteban has spent his career focused on the convergence of technology and marketing. Esteban Contreras paints a picture of what the world is going to look like as social technologies become part of everything around us. Whether you are an enthusiast or a skeptic about all things "social," this book is a one-stop shop packed with stats, practical implications, and real-life examples. 



  • Introduction – Social Media: Transforming Our Lives, For Better or Worse

  • Chapter 1 – The Social Universe: Life and Technology in Perpetual Beta

  • Chapter 2 – Facebook: Now Connecting Over 1 Billion People

  • Chapter 3 – Instagram: The New American Dream

  • Chapter 4 – Twitter: The MMS of the Internet

  • Chapter 5 – Google+: The Little Social Engine that Could

  • Chapter 6 – LinkedIn: A Network Building the Economic Graph

  • Chapter 7 – Pinterest: The World’s Visually Social Pinboard

  • Chapter 8 – Tumblr: Part Blogging Platform, Part Meme Machine

  • Chapter 9 – The Social Long Tail: Startup Hype and the Search for the Next Blank

  • Chapter 10 – Social Media Election: How Obama Won the Presidency, Again

  • Chapter 11 – Virality: YouTubers, Hot Pockets and Klout Scores

  • Chapter 12 – Trust No One: Skepticism, Privacy and Trauma in an Age of Openness

  • Chapter 13 – Social Advertising: How Social Media Gets Paid

  • Chapter 14 – The New Customer Journey: Empowered Consumers and Advocacy

  • Chapter 15 – Social Storyteller: A New Kind of Marketer

  • Chapter 16 – The 3 C’s of Social Media Marketing: Easier Said Than Done

  • Chapter 17 – Social Business: From Buzzword to Reality

  • Chapter 18 – Social Good: Changing the World One Tweet at a Time

  • Afterword – Trends and Predictions: Re-Imagining Social Media


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